designed, woven & inspired

We use different traditional techniques and different fibers: Tibet mountain wool, Chinese silk, hemp, aloe, linen and bamboo silk.

The combination of both contributes towards the innovation of our designs and helps to achieve perfect harmony between the design and the finished product.

We travel to different countries to get the best fibers and we innovate with new materials to produce our designs.

Design is taking part of the company’s soul, and this is what has allowed us to achieve our goal – creating rugs that convey emotions and a sense of wellbeing.

Creating unique pieces by playing with shapes, colours and textures. Carpets that people fall in love with.

Welcome to the world of metrekare.

Nispetiye Mh. Petrol Sitesi Yolu Sok. No:6 Beşiktaş / İstanbul+90 212 343 97